UV / Sublimation / Eco / Ink

  • Mercury Lamp / LED UV Curable Ink

    Mercury Lamp / LED UV Curable Ink

    • Suitable for DX5/6/7 printhead
    • High accuracy, great density and very wide color gamut
    • Dry fast
    • Corrosion-resistant, Environmental friendly, without toxic material
    • Little heat, good for printing the transparent films
    • CMYKW Lc Lm 
  • DTG Textile Inks

    DTG Textile Inks

    • Water Based Series (WB Series)
    • Divided into water dye ink and water pigment ink
    • CMYK Lc Lm
    • Widely apply on ENCAD Series, HP Series, MIMAKI, Roland and Mutoh Etc.
  • Eco Solvent Inks

    Eco Solvent Inks

    • Piezoelectric Epson DX3/DX4 head printer
    • Piezoelectric Epson DX5/DX7 head printer
    • CMYK LC LM
  • Sublimation Ink

    Sublimation Ink

    • Highest quality and the best price
    • Applied on Epson desktop printer
    • Aqueous inkjet printer with DX4, DX5/DX7
    • Wide format printer, Like Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh Etc.
    • CMYK LC LM
  • Solvent Ink

    Solvent Ink

    • COM SK II Series inkCOM SK II Series ink
    • Adopt the local raw material
    • Outdoor life is about 1~2 years
    • Xaar 126/128/200/360/500
    • Seiko 1020/510
    • CMYK Lc Lm